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I'm a 25 year old mom to one beautiful daughter. I'm engaged and we have two dogs that we refer to as "the girls". I've started this blog in order to see what a years worth of pictures is like from my view. I don't have a "subject" I'll be focusing on, but you can bet that quite a few of the pictures will be of my daughter. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Today was a BUSY day as you can tell in the first picture... We're leaving on a trip tomorrow at the butt crack of dawn and won't be back until Sunday evening. I was busy trying to get laundry done and get everything packed that we would need.

I of course had to snap a few pictures so I wouldn't miss today since I'm able to post for the day.

While I'm out though, unfortunately, I won't be able to post anything as my cell phone won't have service. :(

I will however, catch up when I get back. Be prepared for TONS of pictures.

Oh and in case you're wondering, we're going to WA for Travis' family reunion. Its going to be a hoot! LOL

This first picture is Adalynn going to get part of her toy train. For those who may be curious, she's wearing a CLOTH DIAPER. The clothes that you see aren't normally there, I was going through them to pack for this weekend.

This is Adalynn going towards the pantry... this is "her place" to eat her snacks. I'm not sure why she went there w/ the train, but apparently she felt she needed to. (I hang dry most of our clothes outside, but I don't want to flash my underwear or bras so that's the tid bit you see on the right) ha ha

And this picture is quite humorous if I do say so myself... I'm sure you're all thinking she's pooping, but she's not. LOL She's actually holding herself up while she bends over to pick up her train.

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