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I'm a 25 year old mom to one beautiful daughter. I'm engaged and we have two dogs that we refer to as "the girls". I've started this blog in order to see what a years worth of pictures is like from my view. I don't have a "subject" I'll be focusing on, but you can bet that quite a few of the pictures will be of my daughter. :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today marks the second day out of 365. I got quite a few pictures taken today, but I'll spare you guys and only post a few.

The first picture of the day began in my bedroom... NO, it isn't a dirty picture. :)

I was woke up by one of our dogs. She was letting me know that she needed to go outside.

As I looked at Travis, I noticed he was in the SAME position as he was when he went to bed. I KNOW that he didn't stay that way the entire night as while he was tossing and turning he woke me up. I just thought it was interesting though, so I snapped a photo.

This next picture is Travis trying to get Adalynn to "hide" under her pool. She was NOT having it. I tell ya, this child is too smart for her own good.

We have been having some storms the last couple nights. I mean hardcore pouring down rain, loud thunder and bright lightning storms. While we were out and about on our family walk tonight, we happen to see some aftermath of what happens when you don't have your garbage contained.

The picture below is NOT the only one we saw. We saw SEVERAL and in several yards.

And this last picture I must say is my favorite of the day, that I'm posting for you.

Adalynn is quite the little helper as you'll see. She is ALWAYS wanting to do whatever Daddy and Mommy are doing. Especially Mommy.

It is cute, don't get me wrong, but some times, it is quite frustrating.


  1. lol that is such a cute picture of her pushing her stroller!

  2. haha are you sure i can't borrow her? she's just too cute for her own good!

  3. Your daughter is so adorable! And your hubby... does he not sleep w/ the blankets on? :D

  4. Cheryle, thank you

    Amber, yes you can borrow her, but only for a limited time.

    Mommy Blogger, thank you. My fiance' does sleep with blankets, but not when its 80 degrees in the house as he runs hot as it is. :)